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Performance Plus Connection| March, 2016 Automotive Electrical Products and Components

Spring is about to blossom and you want your vehicle to be ready!

Whether you’re going racing or cruising with that muscle car or hot rod, preparation is important.
One of the most overlooked items on that rod is the electrical connections which we sometimes take for granted. If they become corroded over the winter hiatus a lot of problems can ensue.

The most dramatic problem would not being able
to start at all, to intermittent missing of electrical devices, such as lights, radio, and etc. Before
starting anything electrical disconnect the negative connection on your battery, while wearing protective goggles and appropriate wear.

You need to start with the battery, by checking for corrosion and fitment of terminals. The Battery can
be cleaned with baking soda, water, and a brush
(Old toothbrush works great). Keep in mind fluids
will be dripping and spilling all over the place, it would be a good idea to put an old rug under the
car. You sure don’t want to mess up that garage
floor or driveway.

Once you have cleaned the terminals apply electrical anti-corrosion gel to the battery post.
This will help prevent future corrosion, and save
you money in the long run.

Corrosion can also develop with other terminals
and electrical connectors which may need cleaning. You can use that old toothbrush. Here again is a
low cost prevention by using Dielectric Grease,
well worth the investment on any and all

* Performance Plus Connection Spring Special...
Get a Free tube of anti-corrosion gel or dielectric grease with any order of electrical components totaling \$50.00 or more.

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