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Performance Plus Connection | September, 2016 Automotive Electrical Products and Components

Recently I came across a article in the Charlotte Observer by Sarah Breitenbach, it was in regards to Technicians and Farmers fight for ‘Right to Repair’. It doesn't seem to be a news worthy event for a motor head, but yea of little faith read on.

It seems there is a Group called the Repair Association, fighting for small shops and independent repairmen that are having issues in the electronics field. The manufacturers and their dealers are maintaining a monopoly on schematics and diagrams to curtail anyone other then themselves from repairing your computer.

This group made up of independent shops, mechanics, DIY’s who fix and sell used products. (Appliances - Medical - Farm Equipment) want this to change. They want the manufacturers to open their manuals, parts, tools, and etc. It’s hard for a small business to say they can’t fix your product and have to send you to a high price dealer.

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Now do you see where I’m going, this could happen with our beloved automobiles. It hasn’t happened as of yet due to a 2013 Massachusetts law that requires auto makers to give the same information and parts to independent auto repair shops as to their dealers. For now the auto makers have agreed to do this nation wide.

The automakers are no friends of us unless we want to buy a car, when they first offered warranties you couldn’t change the tire size with fear of losing what they offered. They wanted you go to the dealer for everything and still do. What’s to say your car won’t be able to be worked on by yourself or that trusted mechanic with the right tools?

There is a group looking out for us SEMA, with SEMASAN (SEMA Action Network) fighting unfair automotive laws. They can’t do it alone your needed along with your friends, neighbors,and anyone concerned about your ‘Right to Repair’.

I know this is supposed to be Newsletter to show you products and helpful hints for using a variety of goods. But with our Government (EPA) and the Automakers working against us we need to unite and show them were not going to take this sitting down. We want to drive what we worked on or built and restored. That corn gas ruining your lawn mower will have a higher then 10% content. All those batteries your sitting on will explode or they will give you a wrong signal putting you in a dangerous situation. No antique cars in the parades or cruising and enjoying what you love. Anthony Foxx the Transportation Secretary, while mayor of Charlotte, NC, forced a Street Car project which was voted down by the people. It is losing money. This is what were up against, so called do good politicians that don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.

SEMA as good as they are should reach out to the Repair Association, but they need to do a little house cleaning. It seems their in bed with the auto makers and sell them huge spaces in the main hall at the SEMA Show. The auto makers need to be outside and the real aftermarket should be inside. What even galls me more is they give them awards for being a car maker, whoop de do. Every year they go around the show and steal ideas from small businesses and make optional or standard on the next model.

We need to watch our backs the auto makers don’t want us working on or making modifications to a vehicle we spent money on.

Join SAN today, contact your local, state, and national representatives, let them know what you think, save us from extinction.

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