About Performance Plus Connection

Tahiti Vette

Performance Plus Connection is a small family owned business operated by Vince & Steve Coscia, Harold Wilson, and Jeff Mathews with over 100 years of combined experience in the marine and auto restoration, hot rod, racing & accessory aftermarket supply industry.

Our goal is to offer the best online auto parts and restoration tools available with competitive pricing, so your project experience can be fun. We offer the finest Weatherpack & Deutsch electrical connectors along with quality crimp tools to complete your project.

Automotive thermal accessories are also offered for many varied applications. These particular items are a result of the NASCAR teams and support personnel in the Charlotte, NC area. We are expanding the products in this category, so keep an eye out for us.

One of the fastest growing segments we handle is Differential parts by Ratech. Ratech is a premier manufacturer who designs small parts for automotive & light truck axles. They are not a large conglomerate selling all types of products or a packaging house.

We are on a quest to find marine and automotive products that are of the utmost quality and priced within an affordable range, suggestions are always listened to and analyzed.

To perform with honor, excellence and integrity. Product knowledge in the Automotive Aftermarket leaning toward Racing, Restoration, Hot Rod's and Performance. A solid history of sales success. Ability to develop sales for new innovative products is unprecedented. Self-motivator with high energy. Able to coordinate multiple product lines. Work habits without supervision.


To provide you with the finest online automotive and marine products on the market.

To give you the best value for your money.

To give you fast reliable shipping.

To give you personalized service.