PA2147 - Silicone Self Vulcanizing Fusing Sealing Tape Clear 1X10 - Made in USA

PA2147 - Silicone Self Vulcanizing Fusing Sealing Tape Clear 1X10 - Made in USA

Vulcan Silicone Self Vulcanizing Fusing Sealing Tape CLEAR 1X10 (2.54000cm X 3.04800m)

Originally developed for the military, this silicone-based repair tape is a tool box essential. It's self-fusing, and requires no adhesive because it only bonds to itself. the stretches to 3 times its length, conforms to irregular shapes easily and withstands UV rays, acids and fuels. Won't melt, even at 500 F (so it can be used for urgent muffler repairs) and remains flexible to -60F. Insulates to 8000 volts ideal for short term electrical repairs. Forms a permanent air and watertight seal fix that leaky pipe, radiator hose or air duct. Once wrapped over itself, it forms a bond immediately, and is permanently fused in 24 hours. Ideal for automotive, marine and home use. Resists weathering better than any tape you will ever use. Made in USA. This stuff is awesome!

This Vulcan self-vulcanizing tape is designed to wrap around ignition wire, boots, and connectors. It can also seal out moisture, while protecting wires from the harmful effects of excessive heat. The specially formulated silicone rubber vulcanizes automatically, providing adhesion when the tape surfaces make contact. At 1 in. wide and 10 ft. long, Vulcan self-vulcanizing tape is an excellent alternative to applying heat shrink sleeves and insulated wire sleeving to spark plug wires.

Made of silicone rubber, Vulcan self vulcanizing tape rolls will protect electrical connections, hoses, and spark plug boots from extremely high temperatures.

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