PPC8008 - Vulcan Titanium Ultimate Spark Plug Wire & Boot Covers Kit

PPC8008 - Vulcan Titanium Ultimate Spark Plug Wire & Boot Covers Kit

Vulcan Titanium Ultimate Spark Plug Wire & Boot Covers Performance Plus Connection offers this kit as the Ultimate protection for your Spark Plug Wire Set.

Improve the performance of your engine by insulating the spark plug wires and protecting from heat. Even the best wire sets on the market need protection from natural elements and heat by a powerful engine. Vulcan Lava Titanium Fiber is a revolutionary development of cooled lava, with a melting point of 2600 F ( c). It out performs nylon, fiberglass and carbon fibers in high temperature or cryogenic environments. Vulcan Lava Titanium Fiber has better tensile strength (682 kpsi vs. 500 kpsi for glass), compressive strength (550 kpsi vs. 440 kpsi), and tensile modulus (12.9 Mpsi vs 11.2 Mpsi). Vulcan Lava Fiber also beats glass in acid and alkali resistance. It damps vibration, so it has sound-insulating properties. Yet basalt is only 5% heavier, with a density of 2.75 g/cc vs. 2.60 for glass.
The Boots are woven with two layers of crushed Vulcan Lava Titanium Fiber filament. Keeping your wire and boot cooler in a high temperature environment.
They can be used from ultimate race cars, street vehicles, to motor homes. There is not a boot protector and wire kit on the market today that will take temperatures higher and last longer. 
Custom Look of Carbon Fiber Fit is universal for most angled and straight boots.
Helps reduce misfires
Enhance Performance
Extends life of wire & boots
Non-Flammable Resists damaging chemicals
Withstands 2000F (1093.3 C); 3000F (1648.9 C)intermittent
 Reduce radiant heat damage
Carbon fiber look
Each kit contains 8 Vulcan Lava Titanium Fiber Spark Plug Boot Covers, 25 ft Roll of Vulcan Lava Titanium Fiber Sleeving, and 18 Heat Shrink Sleeves along with numbered sleeves. Instructions Included

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