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PA4327K - Vulcan Titanium Exhaust Header Wrap 2X25 Lava Fiber Kit - Made In USA

PA4327K - Vulcan Titanium Exhaust Header Wrap 2X25 Lava Fiber Kit - Made In USA

Vulcan Ultimate Exhaust Header Wrap Two each 2X25 Lava Fiber Wrap Custom Look of Carbon Fiber Performance Plus Connection has a header wrap that will work on all your high performance headers or turbo downpipe applications. No need to look any further than our Vulcan Header Wrap. The Vulcan Header Wrap is manufactured from crushed lava rock filament fiber; this makes this header wrap strong and flexible while operating at its designed service temp of 2000F (1093.3 C) continuous and 3000F (1648.9 C)of radiant heat. There is not a header or exhaust insulating wrap on the market today that will take temperatures higher and last longer. You can wrap the header with Vulcan Header Wrap, run it, heat it up, and unwrap the header wrap when needed. Vulcan Header Wrap can withstand temperatures from extreme racing applications. With all this your exhaust system will have a custom look of carbon fiber with Vulcan Header Wrap. Withstands 2000F (1093.3 C); 3000F (1648.9 C)intermittent Less heat in the engine compartment Resist chemicals 25% stronger than fiberglass wraps Increases horsepower Excellent for wrapping headers, turbos, and turbo down pipes. Reduce radiant heat damage All rolls 1/16" thick Carbon fiber look Stainless Locking Ties - Four 8" (20.32 cm) Includes 2 Rolls and 4 Locking Ties Perfect Race Application for your Harley Screaming Eagle

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